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Matrescence acknowledges the profound transformation that happens to us when we become mothers. I am here to guide you through a bespoke experience, mapping your unique journey to and through motherhood. Through Circles, Coaching, and Ceremony you will discover ways to develop the knowledge, skills, and resources to honor your journey so far and navigate the road up ahead. 

Learn how to ditch mom guilt

Build your

Reclaim your

Know your
next steps

Mothering the Mother

Picture of a floral altar centerpiece arranged in a circle on a blanket with the sun shining down


We all know it takes a village to raise kids but how do you build it? Please join a sacred support circle for mothers to connect, share, and learn from one another. 

Exchange varies: approx $33+

A brunette women sitting on a chair with hands in her lap listening thoughtfully to another woman


I offer virtual or in person coaching at flexible times to suit you. Through our work together you will learn to let go of who you think you should be, appreciate who you are now, and be intentional about who you become – as a woman and a mama.

$111 per hour: packages available

A woman in a meditation pose sitting cross legged on the floor


A heartfelt celebration to honor becoming a mother, and the birth of the latest version of you. Unlike traditional baby showers that revolve around gifts and material items, a 'Meet the Mother' Ceremony is all about nurturing you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally during this transformative time in your life and basking in the loving support of your closest friends and family.

$333 co-creation

$555 co-creation + guide on day

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