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Supporting women 
navigate the push and pull
of motherhood

Let go of who you think you should be, appreciate who you are now, and be intentional about who you will become.

Woman standing smiling in a relaxed position with yellow polka dot top and jeans

When a   baby is born, so is a  mother

Julia Jones, Author & Doula

Learn how to ditch mom guilt

Build your

Reclaim your

Know your
next steps

You deserve to feel good,
as a woman and a mother.

We attend pre-natal classes, write a birthing plan, prepare the nursery, throw a baby shower, and then… get a 6-week check-up, this is not enough!


SO much changes when our name also becomes mama but the focus is often on baby. Without support we’re left to deal with the mom guilt, rage, loneliness, and exhaustion, which can lead to burnout and the inability to recognize ourselves, let alone our goals or how to achieve them.

I’m here to center your needs and wants, as a woman and a mother. Together we will deepen your understanding of matrescence as a rite of passage and how it applies to you, to map your unique journey through motherhood. Through this process I will guide you in building the necessary skills and resources to reclaim your authentic self. Because without a map we can feel lost.

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