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moon with text womens circle for winter solstice

Ticket price: $30

What is it?

An ancient practice giving space and time to gather and connect, as women and mothers.

What to expect...

  • Open and honest discussion

  • Ritual and meditations honoring your journey through motherhood

  • Reflection, journalling, and intention setting

Why come?

  • Connect with like-hearted mamas

  • Be seen, heard, and held

  • Let go of what doesn't serve you

  • Prepare for the next season with intention and authenticity

  • Feel empowered and energized

Who is it for? 

Mothers at any stage of motherhood, newborn to empty nesters. Our event is inclusive of non-birthing and LGBTQ individuals who identify as mothers. This is how we support and empower one another with our wisdom, one circle at a time.

fire with text saying beltane womens circle

Beltane meaning "bright fire" is the name of a Gaelic May Day Festival that falls between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It marks the beginning of summer and participants celebrate growth and fertility, adorned in flowers by a fire. Sounds awesome right?!

Come and celebrate whatever is growing and birthing within you and release what doesn't serve you anymore. Weather permitting this circle will be held outside around a fire pit - let's burn some shit together mamas!! 

Location: I'on Neighborhood Firepit, I'on, Mount Pleasant

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Ticket price: $30

Venmo: @Mappingmatrescence 

Hardship funds also available, use contact form. 

Spring Equinox circle text with magnolia flowers

A time to create harmony

The word equinox comes from the Latin words meaning “equal night” On this day we receive almost equal amounts of light and dark, providing an opportunity to reflect on what may be out of balance in your life, and make space to create greater harmony. It also marks the start of Spring, bringing new beginnings. 

Join us in an evening of connection, sharing, and restorative activities to match the energy of this time. Come away feeling lighter and more aligned with your desires for this season of your matrescence. Mothers at any stage of motherhood are welcome, including non-birthing, and LGBTQ.

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Address: 28 Bridgeside Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 ·

Ticket price: $30 

Venmo: @Mappingmatrescence

Hardship funds also available, use contact form. 

We all know it takes a village but how do you build one? 

Please join our support circle. You will build knowledge, skills, and resources to navigate the many pushes and pulls of motherhood, meet new friends, and come away feeling seen, heard, and held. Each week will be centered on a matrescence-related topic.


Babies from newborn to crawling are welcome but know that this group is a time to also focus on YOU mamas.


The space is informal where you are free to feed, soothe, and change your baby, or even take a nap yourself if that's what you need.

Address: 1300 Hospital Drive, Suite 270 Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Ticket price: $10 per session 

Packages available: 4 x $30 / 8 x $50

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